Contract Law & Disputes

Sometimes no matter how well-thought-out and solid you think your contract is, disputes can arise.  And when they do, the contract law experts at Gutglass, Erickson, Larson & Schneider S.C. is here to help.

Our Contract Law Experience

Whether you’re an employee looking to fight an invalid non-compete clause or an employer looking to enforce a valid one, our attorneys at Gutglass, Erickson, Larson & Schneider S.C. have the knowledge and experience on both sides of the coin.  We’re one of the only contract law firms in Wisconsin to have litigated matters beyond the administrative level, which means our clients gain the advantage of the greater credibility we’ve earned with prosecutors.  We’ve worked with clients in virtually all professions and all professional specialties, so you can trust not only our credentials on paper but our reputation in the Wisconsin community, too.

Our Approach to A Contract Dispute

We understand the perspectives of both the employer and the employee, and we’ll work hard to resolve and contract dispute quickly, economically, and efficiently.  We understand that both employers and employees want to get back to what they do best, and that’s doing business.  We won’t take up unnecessary time or money — we don’t need to.  We use our vast experience and expertise to efficiently analyze your specific situation or conflicts that arise, develop a strategy and a plan of action to get you the best outcome as quickly and economically as possible so you can return your focus to your vocation.

Hire a Contract Law Attorney Today for Your Contract Dispute Needs

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