Investment Litigation

bigstock-Justice-Is-Served-1338028You were told:  “It’s a sure thing,”  “I am putting my whole family in it,” “It can’t miss;”  “There is no downside, only upside,” and now you are trying to find out where your money went.

There are both Federal and State anti-fraud statutes to protect the public from those predators who live off OPM (Other People’s Money.)  Many believe that there is nothing that can be done because the big Wall Street Firms have too much money and can outspend the little guy who only wants to be treated fairly.

We have a proven track record of getting our clients their money back when they were sold investments based on misrepresentations or because the investment should never have been introduced to them in the first place.  Brokers are regulated and cannot lawfully “solicit” a customer to participate in an investment if that investment was not “suitable.”  We can quickly and efficiently evaluate your case to see if you have a potential claim and will discuss various fee options with you so that you can determine whether you are just throwing good money after bad.

We have a 30-year history of successfully representing investors of levels of wealth and sophistication.   We have represented clients in claims regarding:

  • Misrepresentation/Fraud
  • Theft/embezzlement of investment funds
  • Unsuitable recommendations
  • Trustee’s breach of fiduciary duty
  • Breach of Contract
  • Annuity Flipping
  • Life Insurance Flipping
  • Estate Planning malpractice
  • And many other types of claims.