Factors to Consider When Hiring Global Employees

By August 3, 2013Blog, Business Law

When we talk about hiring a global employee, we are referring to hiring workers from a foreign country. Many employers have the desire or need to hire employees from other countries, but they are usually faced with the challenge that they don’t know how to go about hiring the desired employee due to the complexities of hiring someone outside of their own country. Different countries have different laws regarding their workers which you are required to understand before hiring a global employee.

What to consider about foreign labor law

foreign labor lawTime Off Laws.

Some foreign countries, such as Europe and Australia, are very generous when it comes to vacation, maternity leave, and sick policies. Some countries even goes as far as to provide time off for career development or building a home.

Power of the Unions.

Contrary to what most Americans believe, the power of the Union at its peak during the 50’s was still below that of other countries around the world. Outside the United States, Unions carry a lot of weight; and employee benefits and work conditions are strongly controlled. You should note that you might not be able to change existing policy or conditions without union approval.

Non-Compete Agreements.

Many U.S. businesses will write non-compete agreements in the contacts of their employees, but most foreign countries prohibit the use of these non-compete agreements.


If you are in need of laying off or firing your global employee, you must consider the time required to notify your employee before letting them go. The time given varies with different countries; just because you have the right to layoff an American employee on a Friday afternoon without notice does not mean you can do so with all global employees.

Employee Privacy.

Some countries put into place strict laws which govern what employee information can be shared publicly by an employer. Harmlessly publishing an employee directory could actually run the risk of violating foreign privacy laws.

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