Handling a Breach of Contract

By October 17, 2016Business Law

In the business community, contracts are commonly used and generally “understood,” but what does it mean when a “breach of contract” has occurred? As contracts are the lifeblood of business agreements, it’s crucial to understand them; without them, business agreements may go unfulfilled. Breaches are one the most common reasons people file lawsuits in business law. As such, know your rights in a business agreement. If you’ve experienced a situation where someone did not uphold their end of a business agreement, you may experience a frustrating situation, but the good news is that you may not be at a total loss if you take the appropriate legal action. Breach of Contract | Business Attorneys | Gutglass Erickson Bonville & Larson

What is a Breach of Contract?

A breach of contract takes place when a contract term, whether in writing or verbally made, is not fulfilled. Examples include, payment not made or not made in full, time-frame for delivery not met, etc. The list is essentially endless, as it’s simply any time an agreement is not fulfilled.

Filing a Breach of Contract Wisconsin Lawsuit.

When you feel a breach of contract in a business situation has occurred, it’s in your best interest to contact an experienced contract dispute lawyer. This will be your best defense, as regardless of whether you feel as though you have not received what you understood you would from another business or you have failed on your end, thus breaching a contract, involving a business lawyer early in the process can help. Be sure to gather as much documentation as possible about the incident, from contracts to emails, etc. The filing of a breach of contract lawsuit can be simple if you have documented proof of an agreed business contract (including a clear list of terms) and evidence that a breach of contract occurred. If you do not have the documentation up front, you may not be at a total loss, but we won’t know our options until we discuss.

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